Easter breakfast – scrumptious fluffy pancakes with fruit


This Easter is the first with our wonderful little girl who is now 10 months old. I have fond memories of Easter from my own childhood. Growing up in my family in Denmark we would give each other chocolate Easter egg baskets and get to open them Good Friday. In the afternoon we would colour and decorate boiled eggs and my parents would hide them on grand parents farm and in their garden. One of my best memories was chasing around in the garden, racing though the spring daffodils with our cousins trying to find the most eggs.


We don’t quite have daffodils here in New Zealand for Easter as it’s autumn but I can’t wait for our little girl to be old enough to chase around the garden looking for eggs. For now, I spoiled my wonderful husband and daughter with some fluffy pancakes and hid a naughty chocolate egg in my hubby’s pancake (melted) and served with fruit this morning. Delicious AND sugar/gluten/dairy-free. If you want the recipe, click here.

Happy Easter everyone!

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