Best ever chocolate protein energy bar

Oh, my, goodness. I can’t believe I actually made these. They are so amazing and will rock your world if you are into physical activity, missing delicious treats, just need something to get you through the day or want a dessert! Yes, this is the all around awesomeness recipe!

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Make them with glucose and they will serve you as a fantastic workout / hiking energy bar and with zylitol for a snack on a regular day. If you are withdrawing from sugar the high level of protein and fats will curb your sugar cravings!

And…. drum roll… You can also turn them into this delicious treat inspired by Aloha and Naked Treaties (via Sara Wilson). Now, how to make these amazing little things…

I can't believe it's not good for me cups



Chocolate mix (makes one square block approx 15x15x3cm):

50 grams of unsweetened chocolate (If you cant find it easily where you live, you can use 40 grams of cacao/cocoa powder and 40 grams of cocoa butter – It just doesn’t taste as decadent. Alternatively, use Lindts 90% – from memory it only has around 6-7% sugar)

20 grams of Zylitol (diabetic friendly natural sweetener)

Seed and nut mix (makes approx 700 grams in total – you only need 100g for the amount of chocolate above, I just always make a large portion while I’m at it because I use it for other things too. If you only want to make 1 portion – just divide the measures below with 7, but really it ain’t worth it ;))

2 1/2 tbsp peanut butter (chunky or smooth, to your liking)

1 cup sunflower seeds

1 cup pumpkin seeds

1 cup linseeds

1/2 cup chia seeds

2 cups of chopped nuts (I use a mix of hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, cashews and almonds)

1 cup of large coconut chips

3 tbsp oil (coconut or other healthy oil – this is only to make the cacao powder stick)

1 1/2 tbsp cacao powder

1-2 cups of puffed rice, oats or similar

EXTRA: If you are using it as a workout snack, instead of Zylitol, add 40 grams of glucose (or more depending on how hard your activity is). This way you will get energy release at different speeds and keep your energy levels up all the way. I had 2x2cm square every 20 minutes on my recent bush hike/run and was still energetic at the end 🙂

TOP TIP: Including hazelnuts will give the bars a taste of Nutella!!! The more you use, the more of the flavour you will get. Yes, just try roasted hazelnuts in the oven, your house will smell like Nutella…. mmmmm…… Nutella….(okay I will stop saying Nutella now).


Turn your oven to 160C (320F) so it heats up whilst you prepare your nut/seed mix.

Get a medium/large bowl and chuck in all your seeds, nuts and coconut in it.

Nuts n seeds (watermark)


Add the oil to the mix, stir it around so it covers nicely. Add your chocolate and cinnamon powder. Give it another good stir so that you get an even coating and spread on a baking paper and chuck it in the oven for 6-10 minutes (depending on how finely you chopped your nuts and what your oven is like. Let it sit to cool it for a bit.

Seed mix, spices, oven (watermark)

Melt your chocolate in a water-bath (same method as in this recipe) or in the microwave (just be careful not to nuke it – stop when half of it is melted, take out and stir and leave the other half to melt slowly on the kitchen bench, still in the same container). Add your glucose or zylitol (they look very alike, it’s zylitol in the photo below). Stir. Add peanut butter and stir again.

chocolate mass (watermark)

Add 100g of the seed/nut mix and mix until all of it is evenly distributed.

Now line a container with cling film, then add linseeds so that the finished bar will have seeds on the bottom and top (great for workouts and hikes where you don’t want the heat of your fingers to melt and get chocolate on your fingers). Add your chocolate / seed mix. Drizzle more seeds on top. Wrap the cling film to keep the shape you want the bars to take and put it in the fridge to set for at least 1 hour.

Boxig it up (watermark)

Boom – ready to eat!

Or…… Turn them into a delicious blueberry-coconut-cream treat:

See the recipe for the coconut cream filling here (i used Zylitol instead of rice syrup and cocoa butter, less as it goes harder when cold, instead of coconut oil) but roughly it looks something like this (just made with the flesh from one coconut (about 3/4 cup)):

coconut mass (watermark)

And then you just pipe it into my protein bar cups and top with a blueberry. Scrumptious!

Finishing the cups (Watermark)

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Peanut butter cups

I just stumbled on a recipe from Sarah Wilson’s book I Quit Sugar on chocolate butter cups (great book by the way, for anyone else on a sugar-free journey :)). That made me think, that this would be another good use for the fudgy chocolate I made the other day!!! Homemade healthy peanut butter cups – yum!

Main (blog)



Makes around 12 cups.

For the chocolate – follow the recipe for Fudgy Chocolate on one of my other posts.

The only other ingredient is peanut butter. Either you can buy some (make sure you check the labels – lots of them have added Palm Oil and sugar in it – I buy one called 100% Nuts which is exactly as it says on the label, only nuts). Or even better, make your own (I do this when I have time, it’s cheaper as well).

Variations to this recipe:

There is no end to the flavors and substitutes that you can make. As someone else commented on my fudgy chocolate recipe (thanks Anne) – you can swap the vanilla essence with mint essence! You can also substitute the peanut butter with any other nut butter you can think of – or, how about adding in homemade Nutella, white chocolate, mashed banana, or anything else your creativity might inspire – do share if you think of something new!


Make the chocolate mix and tip it into something which is easy to pour from (I used my measuring cup). As soon as you have stopped stirring the chocolate it will start separating. This is actually what I really like about this recipe. The ‘liquid’ part will harden into crunchy chocolate whilst the ‘thick oozy’ part will shape into chewy fudgy chocolate. Use this to have some fun. Pour the two different densities into separate containers. I poured in a little liquid in all the cups first. Now pop it in the freezer for 5 minutes.


Take it back out the freezer (don’t leave it for any longer or the rest of your chocolate mix will get to dense to pour). Now spoon a little peanut butter in the middle of each cup. I choose to add a little peanut oil to my peanut butter to make it runny as you bite into the final product (but this also means that you will get a flat line of it as in the top picture). If you want more peanut butter in your cup and for it not to touch the sides, all you have to do is not add any oil. Then it will be dense enough to dollop and form a ball, rather than spread out.


Now pour on a layer of the thick chocolate and wait for it to spread out evenly. Then pour on a finishing layer of the liquid.


Then, pop the tray in the freezer and let it set for 30-60 minutes. Your peanut butter cups are now ready to use and will have a crunchy layer on bottom and top with soft peanut butter and chewy chocolate in the middle. You can keep them in the freezer for storing OR in the fridge if you are eating them within a week (regardless, they taste best when they are at fridge or living room temperature depending on your taste – they take about 15-30 minutes to ‘defrost’ when they come straight out of the freezer). Enjoy!

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