A couple of random things I learned from my travels

Chocolate can be bought in 1.2kg bars. Yes YOU HEARD RIGHT! I purchased one single piece of chocolate, pure (sugar-free) cacao weighing in at a whopping 1.2 kilo in the UK! In my excitement I didn’t take the time to do a decent photo, but the photo belowIMG_8523 - Copy should give you an idea of the size (although it broke in half in the mail). I cooked up a storm of sugar-free chocolate treats for Christmas… chocolate covered marzipan and nougat treats. Strawberries in chocolate sauce…. yum! Now I’m pondering in which other ways I can use this delicious chocolate…. I’m open for suggestions 🙂

Other interesting things…

When it comes to gluten-free products in Denmark, I had a hard time finding anything (although GF bread in supermarkets and one bakery was achievable). I’m not sure if it’s because not many are intolerant or just don’t know it, but they were far more concerned with products being whole grain or not, quite interesting. However, they have embraced sugar free products far more than NZ and the UK. Some supermarkets have even run offers like “buy a sugar free product and pay no GST” (which in Denmark is 25%, quite a significant saving). It’s also really easy to find both dairy alternatives and loads of lactose-free dairy options.

Okay, that was it. Mainly, I just wanted to share the giant chocolate bar 😉 If you want to see my top tips for travelling sugar (dairy/gluten) free, please check out my last post here.

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