Welcome to my recipe page. All my recipes are 100% gluten-free and dairy-free. They are also sugar-free with the exception of dextrose (glucose) in some recipes and the sugar naturally occurring in whole foods like fruit and vegetables. Click here for the ultimate post on glucose and why it’s on a sugar-free site.


P1070778  20130602-183411.jpg  _DSC8156

Baked eggs bacon overload

5 minute fluffy mini-pancakes

Crunchy granola

Danish pancakes (crepes) with blueberry compote

Starters, snacks & other small treats

P1070660  P1070640 - Copy  P1070772

Best ever chocolate protein energy bar

Peanut butter cups

Fudgy chocolate

Delectable white chocolate

Snack nuts, salted, spicy and sweet

Healthy chocolate peanut butter snack bars


CTP_5052  2013-06-01 18.12.28  photo(1)

Quick weekdays pork meat balls with raw carrot and pear salad

Easy Thai green curry

Mini chicken veggie pies

Pizza crust


P1070654x  cake  I can't believe it's not good for me cups

I-can’t-believe-it’s not good for me cups

Mint chocolate chip ice cream

Chocolate “cheesecake” with white chocolate spheres

Delicious banana cake

Chocolate sorbet with pistachios


JAm1 (3)  20130617-164416.jpg  12

Homemade “Nutella”

Chocolate peanut butter spread

Raw boysenberry jam

Cakes, breads & loafs

IMG_3777  P1070706  IMG_3465

Seven grain bread

Chocolate “cheesecake” with white chocolate spheres

Delicious banana cake

Pear and blueberry loaf



Almond milk


  1. Thanks! You’ve given me a great headstart!


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