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  1. Really awesome to find another gluten free/dairy free/low fructose source for recipes. Will enjoy trying lots of your recipes!


  2. I live in California. Where can I buy or order some dextrose?


    • I live in New Zealand so I’m not entirely sure but just had a quick search – you can buy it many places online but a lot of it looks pricey and put in flash containers and high price tag (it really is an inexpensive product, price should be the same as regular table sugar) . The cheaper option seems to be getting it in bulk in DYI wine, beer-making stores and cake/baking places. They might call it dextrose but also glucose or corn sugar. I hope that’s helpful šŸ™‚


  3. Hi I have tried to use Dextrose (bought at Binn inn) in my baking but found that i leaves a really funny aftertaste in my cakes and to be honest it made me feel faintly sick. Is that normal or did i do anything wrong? i really need to get off sugar as I am definately addicted but really struggle to find a good alternative to table sugar. everything just tastes funny……


    • Hi Dana, I’ve bought 3 different brands, but not from Bin Inn. I have never encountered any aftertaste with dextrose or felt sick from it. It should taste like regular table sugar, just less sweet. If you try half a teaspoonful of the dextrose you have and let if melt in your mouth do you get the same aftertaste? If yes, if it was me, I would ask someone else to taste it too. If you both think it tastes weird, bring it back to Bin Inn. And perhaps go to the doctor to get a check up, just in case anything else is amiss.

      And, try a different brand! I also use zylitol if you need a different option, natural and no negative research that I have found so far. (I can’t recommend Stevia though, tried 4 brands and I get a horrible aftertaste which is normal with a lot of stevia brands it would appear.

      I hope you get though the sugar withdrawal, the other side IS greener šŸ™‚


      • Hi Caroline,
        thanks for your answer . would you mind telling me what barands you bought and where from? I seem to have problems finding dextrose other than at binn inn – i am in the south island though but if i know a brandname I might be getting anywhere. also had another look there and theirs is labelled dextrose brewers sugar so that might be a differnt kind?? its all still fairly confusing but i am sure with time i will get there. thansk for your help;-)


      • No problem, happy to help šŸ™‚ if you check out my post here it will explain where I have found it and different brands, the most available is probably King Glucose (New World) although it’s twice as expensive as buying in bulk: (I’ve tried the one in Mew World, Bulk Foods and a brand shipped from the states, both Amazon and iHerb)

        Dextrose brewers sugar is in most places just dextrose, but check the ingredients list or ask your brew shop (there are several brew shops online in NZ who will post to you as well šŸ™‚

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      • Oh, and to be sure, you want 100% dextrose monohydrate if you are asking at a brew shop šŸ™‚


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