Sugar-free challenge – DAY 5

You are doing great! Cravings and grumpiness is abundant but a few of you have already seen the first signs of weightloss. Even if you just managed to swap just a single unhealthy food or drink for something with a bit less sugar today, you are slowly beating the cravings. Keep going strong 🙂

Day 5 (blog) new

Today you might be wondering how to deal with your after work drinks. Maybe you are going out for dinner, to the movies or to a party and wondering how to to attack this. Read on.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE. Choose wisely and you can still enjoy your weekend drinkies. All though there is a lot to say for staying tee total (for your health), if you would like the occasional alcoholic drink, this overview I put together might help:

Sugar-wise drinks choices

I’m happy to explain the reasons for these groupings – just ask me if there is anything you would like to know 🙂

How does this compare to food? This infographic from the MailOnline gives you a bit of an idea of the amount of calories you consume. So, stay away from that Pina Colada and other sweet mixers! Click on the graphic if you want to read the article. Keep scrolling to see the rest of this post.

Calorie graphic

Food. Select the healthier option on the menu (sauces generally have loads of sugar). If you really fancy a dessert, why not go halves with someone – that way you still get to enjoy a dessert but will only consume half the sugar.

What else?

Do email me on I would love to hear your story, what you eat, why you are on this journey and how I can help you. Fire away 🙂


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