Sugar-free challenge – DAY 3

How are you doing? Still going strong?

Day 3 (blog) 2

TODAY’S CHALLENGE. If you are not struggling with cravings already, they will start kicking in hard soon (well, depending on how much sugar you used to consume and how much you have been cutting back these last couple of days). I’ll write more about how to deal with that tomorrow. For now, hopefully your swaps from sugar-high to sugar-low is working well. However, you need something else which will sustain you and curb those cravings. One good thing you could make are these protein bars I just put up. They taste like crunchy chocolate bars and are full of good fats and protein. Give it a go, make these  today so you have them at hand for the rest of the week. If you don’t have time or the ingredients – just eat something full of protein or healthy fat (e.g fatty cuts of meat, fatty fish like salmon, eggs, nuts, avocados and low-sugar dark chocolate!). These will help with your cravings and are good for you.

Main photo with text I can't believe it's not good for me cups

What else?

Do email me on I would love to hear your story, what you eat, why you are on this journey and how I can help you. Fire away 🙂


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