Sugar-free challenge – DAY 1!

If you are reading this, you might have already decided to go sugar-free. You might have tried and failed before or just looking for tips. Either way – welcome to this weeks challenge! Scroll down to see today’s challenge.

Sugar-free challenge - day 1

Before diving into it – if you need a reminder of why you would want to become an ex-sugarholic, here are the highlights below:

Sugar vs sugar-free 2

For more information on why sugar (fructose) is bad check it out here, here and here.

Let’s get started! So, how do you attack this? Cold turkey? Slowly decreasing amounts of sugar? This really depends on your personality. You will know this yourself. You do see the biggest changes when quitting hard out (especially weight loss) but this doesn’t work for all personalities. Slowly but surely might win the race. Remember, sugar is an addiction, just like cocaine and tobacco. Sugar masks you true needs and makes you feel constant cravings and false hunger. Your body is able to tell you exactly how much to eat and what, but sugar overrides this natural ability and make you overeat and choose foods and drinks with high sugar content to get your kick. The more you eat, the more you need to consume to get your fix.

I will go through the slow and steady route on this challenge.

TODAYS CHALLENGE. When you read this, you might be on a break at work, at home or out and about. Regardless, you will have trusty routines and habits. So, from today, try to swap out a couple of the main refined and processed foods that you eat. The obvious ones like soda, cake, cookies, sweets, sugary drinks etc.

Swaps you can make today:

Day 1 - swaps

What else?

Do email me on I would love to hear your story, what you eat, why you are on this journey and how I can help you. Fire away 🙂


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