Top 5 tips for travelling sugar-free

The last couple of months I have been visiting Europe to see family and friends. And let me tell you, it isn’t easy eating sugar, gluten and dairy free on the go in another country!

veg car

This is what worked for us:

1. Make a mobile pantry. If you are only staying in the same spot for a day or two, making your own stuff really isn’t feasible. However, having rented a car, I found that stocking up on items which didn’t need refrigeration worked well (such as fruit, nuts, low-sugar cereal, gluten-free bread).

2. Let your lifestyle be known if you are staying at someone’s house. If you are visiting good friends and family, they will understand and appreciate what your dietary needs are, especially if you are staying at their house. As a host, it’s a bummer to cook a nice meal for your guests only to find out at a later stage that it made them sick. We were very conscious about not being a pain, so we would tell them not to worry about buying anything they wouldn’t normally get, but if they could avoid meals with loads of sugar, gluten and dairy that would be fantastic. Other times, I would offer to cook them a meal in their house – that way you can treat them and your body will thank you at the same time.

3. If only catching up with someone briefly, meet at a cafe. This way you can select something from the menu which suits you (stay away from all the desserts, cakes and any sweet drinks).

3. Don’t sweat the little things. If you want to eat and not starve to death, you will find it easier to eat the occasional sugar/gluten/dairy. Other times, a treat is worth the consequence (I was re-living  a few childhood memories, you may just want to experience something new and exciting – if it only happens very rarely, for me, it’s been 4 years, why not? As long as the ‘occasional’ doesn’t happen weekly).

4. If travelling in Europe, use the new allergen info panels. I must say, the new European rules for allergens were just in time for my arrival in the UK. EVERY cafe, bar, stall and hot dog stand I went to had allergen information readily available. It doesn’t include sugar (I wish) but for my gluten and dairy intolerance, this was awesome. It also appears to have made staff much more aware of what’s in their products which is a bonus, so, quite often this means raised awareness of sugar content, yay.

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