Healthy chocolate peanut butter snack bars (no-bake, super easy)

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Your biggest problem if you make these? To keep yourself/your partner/family from devouring them too fast!!! I have to hide these and only bring out a portion everyday for them not to be inhaled (we use them as lunch box / work treats, well, and other other time we find an excuse to eat them). Now, how to make them….



50 grams of unsweetened chocolate (If you cant find it easily where you live, you can use 40 grams of cacao/cocoa powder and 40 grams of cocoa butter – It just doesn’t taste as decadent)

40 gram of glucose

2 1/2 tbsp smooth peanut butter (runny)

100 grams of my granola, smashed up into smaller pieces


Melt your chocolate in a water-bath (same method as in this recipe) or in the microwave (just be careful not to nuke it – stop when half of it is melted, take out and stir and leave the other half to melt slowly on the kitchen bench, still in the same container).

Whilst the chocolate is melting, measure out your granola, glucose and peanut butter. When the chocolate is completely melted pour it into a bowl.

First steps

Add glucose and peanut butter. Mix well. (If you are using cocoa powder, sift that into the glucose first, mix well, then add the melted cocoa butter and peanut butter).

Next steps

Add your granola and mix until all the chocolate is evenly distributed.

Last steps

Now all you gotta do is scoop it into a container lined with baking paper, press it down until it’s nice and firm and pop in the fridge or freezer (15-30 minutes) to set. Boom – ready to eat!

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  1. This would not last a day in my house!



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