The One Lovely Blog Award

I’m SO super excited to say that I have won the One Lovely Blog Award (how cool is that!).  I feel very much fresh out of the box as I only entered this beautiful blogosphere 2 weeks ago – so, thank you so much for every like, comment and follow so far and I am loving seeing what everybody else is doing and feeling a part of this awesome community!

The One Lovely Blog Award


Thank you so much to Sam at Love, life & Happy Ever After for nominating me – it is a great honor 🙂 I love the fact that her blog focuses on a variety of different life topics, all interesting, thought provoking or inspirational. I highly recommend checking out her blog!

I’ve been informed that these are the rules for accepting the award:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you (thanks Sam!!)
  • Link the post to their page (done :))
  • State 7 random facts about yourself (hmmmm…interesting, I have to think about that)
  • Nominate those that you feel are deserving of this award (no problem!)

So here’s seven random facts about myself!

  1. I have 2 dogs and they take up so much of my time that I’m considering starting up a blog about them.
  2. Some of my favorite music is by Michael Bublé, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Runrig (right, so that makes great sense right? Jazz,  alternative rock and Celtic rock!)
  3. I’m Danish but live in New Zealand.
  4. If I could choose a super power (okay, three) it would be flying with the speed of lightning, super strength and duplication/re-absorption like the Multiple Man. That way, I could clone myself, fly around to save the world from environmental destruction, visit my family as often and as long as I wanted, and be home in time for dinner!
  5. I love shooting games and manicures (although, not done at the same time)
  6. I have a borderline obsession with stationary of all sorts and can spend hours looking at filing systems and different colored post-it notes.
  7. I’m a natureholic – anything outdoors has got my name on it.

And now for the blogs which I would like to nominate for The One Lovely Blog Awards.  There is still a big wide blog world out there to discover but these ones are some of my favorite blogs so far – they have inspired me, made me chuckle, smile or drool:

Poppy’s Patisserie

Clear the Way

Gluten free Gus

The Sugar Slaying Sisters

Gluten-free for Lunchboxes


  1. Wow, thanks for nominating me Caroline! Glad we’ve got a mutual admiration society going on!


  2. Thank you Caroline! I loved reading your facts!


  3. Thank you so much for your nomination! I’m touched that you were able to relate to my blog. I can’t believe you’ve only been blogging for such a short time; you really have a knack for it. Also, I think it’s totally cool that you have traditionally “masculine” and “feminine” tastes. You’re awesome!


    • Hi Kate, thanks and you rock awesomeness 🙂 (love your quirky, cool, yummy topics). Now you got me curious… I never considered much if I had particular ‘tastes’. What things on my blog do you think of as being particularly feminine or masculine?


      • I don’t agree that “shooting games” are masculine or that painting nails is girly, but those are culturally-speaking gendered that way. People tell me I have “masculine tastes” or that I “like boy things,” but I just respond by telling them I am a girl so all the things I like are “girl things” to me. =]


      • Haha… I completely had recipes in my head when you mentioned that! I have always been one for doing what I liked regards of it “fitting” with other people’s images of what is ‘proper to do’ for a girl. I guess i have always been a little Tom-boyish (sounds like we have that in common) but love many ‘girly’ things too. Love the way you put that haha…. I might have to borrow that on occasion (I’m a girl…) 🙂



  1. […] I have already written 7 random facts when I received the One Lovely Blog Award here are 7 new ones, here […]


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