Super charged!

Just wanted to share my recent findings from quitting sugar (fructose). And when i say quitting, I don’t mean 100% because that is ridiculously difficult  (there is sugar in almost everything – the obvious ones but also fruit and vegetables) and un-needed. Unless you suffer from fructose malabsorption I wouldn’t recommend boycotting fructose completely as we need all the other goodies found in, especially, vegetables. My aim is to stay below 15 grams of fructose every day (which is the equivalent of 2 bananas, 2 Medjool dates, 5 cups of raspberries, 12 prunes, 16 passion fruits, 25 carrots or 1.5 kg of spinach – so munch away on veggies and low fructose fruit as crazy as you want, there is no way any normal person would eat too much of that).

It has been two months now, not easy, but I’m loving the effects. There are many benefits (most might say weight-loss if they are packing a couple of extra pounds), but my main one is that I used to have energy slumps throughout the day. I work regular hours and and would come home from work and have little energy to do anything (cooking, exercising and even walking the dog took so much effort). Now, I’m full of energy all day long (good for work) and can give my home life the same attention my work gets (good all around).  As I am a bit of a statistics nerd I tracked my productivity and came up with the diagrams below (before and after). Would love to hear from anyone else out there on a fructose free journey. And, if you are considering if it is worth the trouble, I would recommend reading The Sweet Poison Quit Plan by David Gillespie – food for thought!

Sugar - productivity


  1. I believe refined sugar is poison, but such a sweet one!! I am not completely sugar free, but I manage to just have a bit here and there without it taking over, and I make sure it is worth it. But as for fruit, why limit yourself so much? Do you have strong reactions to fruit sugars as well? A lot of people who are on sugar free diets boycott fruit, and I find it so unfortunate. Fruit has a lot of quality vitamins and as long as you are active, the fructose gets used up as energy, not to mention that it tastes amazing! I am just curious as other peoples dietary choices fascinate me.


    • Thanks for your comment! In terms of fruit, I guess I should have put in more than two, I will rectify that right now. Because, I don’t only eat bananas and dates (although they are really sweet and therefore great in baking, ice cream etc. It could sound like I don’t eat much fruit. I do however, but it’s fruit which containing less fructose. 15 grams is also equivalent to 21 cups of cranberries, 16 passion fruits, 12 prunes or 5 cups of raspberries. So, I eat lots of fruit too but of the less sweet ones (and contains less fructose). I would eat all of those raw too except for the cranberries, I would add powdered glucose to that (not sure my taste buds would ever get used to that kind of sour!). Whoops, that ended up rather long! I hope that makes sense?


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